How to stop temper tantrums 

Temper tantrums are a beast to deal with, especially when your child is going through the terrible twos. However, if you do all that you can in order to help them get past these tantrums, you'll be able to make the most out of the circumstances, and will be able to make them better people overall. No matter what kind of tantrums your child is dealing with, you'll be able to make sure that they stop temper tantrums if you act diligently and allow them to learn the error of their ways.

Time out is a great way to help your child get past the tantrum phase, so if you have a child that is acting out for any reason in particular, taking them out of their element is a great start. To do this, you should pull them away, tell them what they did is wrong and tell them why it was wrong, and then put them in the corner, in their room or anywhere where there is minimal activity or fun. This way, they will learn the consequences of their actions, and will know that throwing tantrums in order to get their way is unacceptable.

If you can stand it, consider just ignoring the toddler temper tantrums. This is a tried and true method to stop temper tantrums, and will allow your child to know that they can't use the tantrum as a means to get their way or to control the situation. When you ignore the tantrum, your child will often wear themselves out and realize that they can't strong arm the household by screaming and shouting. Whenever using this method, make sure that their tantrum is not due to a legitimate concern, such as being hungry or sleeping. If you find that it is due to one of these reasons, always explain that they should not throw tantrums to get their way, before fulfilling that need.

You can also attempt to take away something that they enjoy, in order to stop the tantrum. For instance, if your child is coloring and for whatever reason, throws their crayons down and begins throwing a tantrum, you can nip it in the bud by taking away the crayons and coloring book for the day. This way, they will know right then and there what they did wrong, and will experience immediate repercussions because of it. This is a great way to stop temper tantrums, so consider it if you have a child that is going through this phase in life.

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Stopping temper tantrums can be difficult, so make sure that you always do what you can, while always exhibiting patience. This will allow you to take control of the situation, without wearing yourself thin. Take advantage of the situation and make sure that you always come from a place of authority and love, and not anger, so that your child understands why they are being punished. This will help you curb your child's temper tantrums, and will make them better people overall.