Tips For Building Your Very Own Outdoor Shed

best storage shed plansMany people believe that constructing an outdoor shed must be a very difficult thing to do.  That is the main reason why you rarely see many individuals investing their money and time into this type of project. 

Despite that, even individuals who are new to do-it-yourself projects and who have very little experience working with power tools and building equipment, can still build amazing outdoor sheds.  That is because there is a wide selection of shed kits that are available both offline as well as online.  Having so many outdoor shed plans available definitely makes building a shed a much easier process.

What tools and materials are needed for building a shed?

Every shed you want to build will have its own specific tools and materials needed to get the job done.  However, the following list will be needed for about 90% of all the best storage shed plans.

•    Measuring tape
•    Concrete trowel
•    Cordless drill
•    Angle
•    Skill saw
•    Hand saw
•    Grinder
•    A hammer

•    Roofing nails, jolt head nails and nails
•    cladding materials
•    A window
•    Two large hinges- one for the door and one for the latch
•    Some PVC
•    Corrugated iron (approx 730mm)
•    Concrete mix
•    Untreated boxing timber (7.5m)
•    Framing timber (50 x 50 mm)
•       High quality timber (approx 3.5m of 50mm x 25mm)

Your Shed Foundation

In terms of your shed's foundation, you have two main choices.  You can either construct a wooden floor or provide the shed with a solid foundation by laying a concrete slab.

Preparing The Site For Your Shed

The first step in site preparation for most sheds is to remove a layer of top soil.  Then the flooring slab is placed over this area.  You ideally should have your shed sit approximately 30 mm above the level of the soil to prevent ground water from damaging the shed.

Wooden Floor

A wood floor with skids is one option for the foundation.  To lay the wood floor out, place a few 100 mm x 75 mm lengths of timber onto the level site that you have prepared.  Either treat the timber or use pretreated timber to withstand any contact with ground water.   Next, nail the floor boards to the platform you have just constructed out of the lengths of timber.

Side Walls

To build the side walls of your shed, you will need to construct two frames that are identical to each other.  The exact measurements of the side walls will vary, depending on the type of shed you are building and the shed plan you are using.

Front Wall

This portion of the frame is what holds the door and window.  The window isn't essential to the shed's structure.  If you don't really need it, it can be eliminated.  This will also depend on your shed plan requirements.  If you do put a window in, you will usually need to cut a section out measuring 500 mm x 500 mm.

Rear Wall

There are no windows or doors in the real wall, so the construction is simple. All that you need to do is stagger your horizontal supports and then nail them down.

Roof Trusses

The roof for the shed is usually easy to place onto the shed and secure with screws in a majority of outdoor shed kits.  A wooden roof or a sheet of corrugated metal can be used, depending on what your shed plan suggests.

Good luck and have fun building your first shed!