Different Types of Lumber for Your Shed

Most wood available at your local lumber store is either air-dried or kiln dried. Their marks specify the wood's moisture content.

For rough work and framing, air dried lumber is more than adequate. Dry stock bends less, works more easily, holds fasteners more tightly, and finishes better. Always use dry wood for all of your finishes.

The dimensions that describe the size of lumber, such as 1x4, 2x4 or 2x6, are nominal not actual dimensions. They indicate the size of the stock when it was cut from the log, before drying and milling reduced its size.

Shrinkage is generally consistent from one kind of lumber to another; although pressure treated boards may vary slightly from untreated boards.

If exact size is significant for your shed, measure the actual dimensions of the lumber you're using.

Two kinds of sheet goods are often used for wood shed projects: plywood or oriented strand board (OSB).

Plywood comes in a variety of sizes, thickness, textures, species and grades. Plywood to be used for outdoor sheds should be an exterior-grade material that is fabricated with glue so it will not deteriorate with moisture. Grade stamps will give you most of the information you need when buying plywood.

OSB is a sheet material made of compressed wood strands arranged in layers at right angles of each other and bonded with an adhesive. Its strength and ability to hold fasteners make it an ideal and less expensive alternative to plywood.

When it comes to choosing your lumber for your shed there are a few things you need to consider:

1. Look carefully before buying - No lumber is perfect
2. Get recommendations from a salesperson
3. Compare material costs and service

When you purchase your materials make sure you protect them well from direct sunlight and moisture. If the lumber is kiln dried then it is ready for use. If it is wet, let it dry for a few weeks.

Stack the boards flat and evenly with spacers in between them. Cover them tightly but allow for air circulation.

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